The Houston Chronicle
“Camille Zamora digs deep into Anna Bolena with the richness of her fabulously colorful and unwaveringly powerful soprano instrument, always emoting with perfect diction, placement, tone, and volume. The nuances and brilliant choices Ms. Zamora makes along Anne Boleyn’s path of painful epiphanies are profoundly astounding… Ms. Zamora is a consummate actress, whose ability to get completely inside of Anne Boleyn’s character and show us all of her subtleties and intricacies is phenomenal and inspiring. Anne’s mad scene is a stunning work of genius by Ms. Zamora, driven passionately with the ebbs and flows of the emotions of a woman who has lost her crown and whose life has been completely destroyed. As long as I live, I shall never forget the many times I wiped tears from my eyes as I experienced Ms. Zamora’s brilliant performance as Anna Bolena.” (To read the full review, please click here)
– D.L. Groover (Anna Bolena, Opera in the Heights)